Christoph Lehner

Technical Project Manager Web from Strasbourg, France

Hello, I am a german software engineer currently working as technical project manager in web development for Codéin.

My passion is to build modern web applications within an open-minded team guided by agile principles.


  • project management client communication, time & budget, team organization, lead dev, agile principles, scrum
  • web development PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • technologies & technical skills Symfony, eZ Platform DXP, Zend Framework, Doctrine, Redis, Solr, Jenkins, webpack, LESS, SASS, gulp, npm, yarn,
    software architecture, SOA, web services and API design, Domain driven design, design patterns, TDD
    Gitlab, Github, Docker, Talend, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • source code management Git, workflows, code reviews, code quality, release management, documentation, Gitlab, Github
  • philosophy ambitious, organised, team-orientated, maintainable solutions, SOLID principles, motivated and motivating